Terms and Conditions

Please take a look at my terms and conditions before you agree to work with me. Contact me if you have questions or concerns.


Each client and project is different. That’s why I provide a value-based quote per project based on factors such as how much time I’ll need to research, write, and proofread your content. Charging this way means I focus on delivering the right content, at the right time. The fee is fixed, unless you change the scope of the project significantly, and includes:

  • Research
  • Writing the first draft
  • One set of revisions, based on your feedback
  • Final proofread and polish

My fee does not include meetings with designers, developers, or any other third party unless we have agreed to this as part of the project brief.

There’s no VAT to pay on top of the agreed fees, as I’m not registered for VAT.

What I need from you

Before starting work on your project, I’ll need you to confirm your acceptance of the project fee, the project brief, and the agreed delivery dates.  I’ll also require you to pay a 50% deposit upfront, which I’ll invoice accordingly.

I’m more than happy to work with your team, but I’ll need a single point of contact who has decision-making and approval authority.

Change in project scope

Sometimes project requirements change. If any changes need more of my time, either for researching or rewriting, then I reserve the right to adjust my project fee.

Payment terms

As stated, 50% of my fee is due in advance and the final 50% within 5 days of agreed completion. If the final payment is not made, I'll send a friendly reminder every 5 days. If my invoice remains unpaid, I will pursue recovery through a debt collection service, including any additional costs incurred as a result of doing this.

If you cancel the project after I’ve started work, I’ll charge you for the work already completed.


Azahar Media retains the copyright of all work produced until the final invoice is paid. After payment, the copyright passes to you.

Azahar Media does not accept responsibility for any issues, claims, costs, or expenses arising as a result of the work I undertake at your request. I’ll take every precaution to avoid errors, omissions, misrepresentations, and other inaccuracies. But, the final responsibility for published material belongs with you.

Our contract will be governed by and construed in accordance with English law.

By doing business with me, you accept these Terms and Conditions.